Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Here is to hope.

John finally made it out of ICU about 2 days ago. He is on the acute floor now. We expect he may return to the rehab floor towards the end of the week. I got to spend a good bit of time with him yesterday, so that was wonderful. His lung scans came back clear, which was FANTASTIC news. Probably the best news we've gotten so far. This means no cancer in his lungs, and that we can proceed to MD Anderson once his infection clears. That may be 2 weeks, it may be 4...we wont know. I'm hoping it wont be until after Christmas so we dont have to spend the holidays away from the kids. Thanksgiving was hard for John (away from the kids, in the ICU) and hard for me too. I tried to go and be with my kids but wasnt feeling well. I picked up some bug at some point and spent a couple of days quite ill. It was terrible not being able to visit John for that time, but he basically slept for 5 days in the ICU so I think it was easier on him. So for now, we work with MD Anderson & our insurance company to sort everything out, get them the paperwork they need, and we will head that way to see if there is some hope they can offer us of...well, ANYTHING hopeful. Any treatment that will give us more time, any treatment that will preserve his quality of life...ANYTHING positive. I'm going there with high hopes and hope that I wont be disappointed. Today is our 8th wedding anniversary. While I am happy he is at least not in the ICU today, its sad that he has missed Thanksgiving, and now we will spend only a couple of hours together tonight. I picked up a cake (similar to the kind we had at our wedding) and a bronze picture frame for him to keep a family picture in his room, and I also got a chalkboard frame with a picture of just the kids that they can write on to help cheer him up. Also, I think I'll maybe bring a bottle of wine or champagne. 8 years with him is not enough. I dont know that even 8 more would be. I want 80! Here is to hope.

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