Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Dear medical & billing coding persons and/or the insurance industry,

When I open a bill for my late husband and see this wording, it seems rather....unnecessary to me.

Dont get me wrong.  I appreciate discounts on the mountains of medical debt we have from the nearly three month fight against a cancer that ravaged my husband's body and stole everything from him before it left him unable to fight and breathe.  I really do.

But it seems to me its just a little bit of overkill to add the "PT (patient) deceased" part.  Perhaps its just me being overly sensitive (completely possible- I'm a new widow), but the use of a little tact in these matters would be lovely.  Maybe it could just say "Courtesy Discount". Does it need to really spell it out like that in "THESE" cases? I dont work in that field, so I dont know.

But I do know I hate getting what sems like dozens of bills every week, with his name and our address printed and viewable from those little plastic windows.  They just serve as painful reminders that he doesnt live here anymore.

But then, inside...the "PT DECEASED" part...well, I could've done without that.

Trust me, I'm acutely aware that he is deceased.  No reminders needed.

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